Painting for me is the most Sacred Art, the Energy Yearbook of the Era, the Spiritual relationship with the Universe and the Man – the opportunity to pay the debt for given life.

   I was born in 1940, in a small village of Šilalė district, called Mažrimai (Western Lithuania). During 1963 – 1968 I studied painting at the Institute of Fine Arts (currently – Vilnius Academy of Arts). Since 1976, I was a member of the Union of Painters.

   I have organized over 50 personal exhibitions and a little less frequently participated in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. I specialize in oil paintings on canvas: portraits, landscapes, compositions and occasionally watercolor paintings on paper. I seek to find perfect musical compositions, strong poetic colors, light effects and a constant rejuvenation.

   My works have been acquired by: Lithuanian art museums, public institutions, collectors and private individuals, including clients from around the world: USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Russia and others.

Pranciškus Gerlikas

Vilnius, 2018